Roots & Branches (Campbell)
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Roots & Branches (Campbell)

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Roots and Branches is an invaluable resource, with 38 traditional songs (melody and lyrics) and singing games for children from 23 different cultures of the world. All are songs remembered, played, and sung by contributors from each culture. This collection includes an overview of each culture, mini-biography, and a photograph of each singer, background notes on each song, words with pronunciation and translations, and maps of each featured country. The enclosed CD is helpful for pronunciation and stylistic elements. An excellent addition to any elementary music program!


Section 1 – Africa

  •  Eritrea
    • Hashewie (Going Round)
    • Kumbraza (Tortoise)
  • Mozambique 
    • Tenho Uma Boneca (I Have a Doll)
    • Yo Mamana Yo

Section 2 – Asia

  • Cambodia
    • Leak Kanseng (Hide the Scarf)
    • Sarika Keo (The Sarika Keo Bird)
  • China 
    • Diou Shou Juan'er (Hiding a Handkerchief)
    • Hao Peng You (Looking For a Friend)
  • India
    • Baariye Bubly (Bubly and the Monkey)
    • Dahee Maatyaahr (A Pot of Yogurt)
  • Japan 
    • Kaeru No Uta (Frog Song)
    • Zui Zui Zukkorbashi (Soy Bean Paste)
  • Korea
    • Achim Baram (Cold Morning Wind)
    • Ha'kyo Jung (The School Bell Is Ringing)
  • Malaysia
    • Tepok Amai-amai (Ladybug)
  • Vietnam
    • Cum Num Cum Niu (Close Your Hands)
    • Qua Cau Gio Bay (Wind on the Bridge)

Section 3 – Caribbean

  • Puerto Rico
    • Cheki Morena (Shake It)

Section 4 – Europe

  • England
    • Oh My Little Sixpence
    • Oranges and Lemons
  • France
    • Ainsi Font Font Font (The Little Marionettes)
  • Ireland
    • An Madairin Rua (The Little Red Fox)
    • Einini (Little Birds)
  • Russia 
    • Kalinka (Snowball Flowers)
    • Malen'kiy Yodzhek (The Hedgehog Song)

 Section 5 - Middle East

  • Iran
    • Cheshm Cheshm (Eyes Eyes)
  • Israel
    • Uga Uga Uga (Cake Cake Cake)
    • Yeysh Lanu Tayish (We Have a Goat)

Section 6 - North America

  • Cajun
    • Bonjour Mes Amis (Hello My Friends)
    • Saute Crapaud (Jump Frog)
  • Comanche
    • Kima Duinah (I Came Before)
  • Georgia Sea Islands
    • Raggy Levy; Uncle Jessie
  • Navajo
    • Jo-ashila (Walking Together)
  • New Mexico
    • San Sereni

Section 7 - South America

  • Ecuador 
    • El Juego Chirimbolo (The Chirimbolo Game)
  • Brazil
    • Dona Maricota
    • Serra Serra Serrador (Saw Saw Lumberjack)


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