Sela Melody Series SE221 Handpan w/ Bag, D Amara
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Sela Melody Series SE221 Handpan w/ Bag, D Amara

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The handpan is a beginner-friendly instrument where percussion and melody come together. Handpans are tuned to a fixed scale, making it impossible to hit a wrong note! Follow your intuition while playing to explore all sonic possibilities. With a bit of practice, more complicated rhythms, captivating chords, and two-part melodies become possible. A handpan is suitable as a solo instrument as well as an ensemble instrument.

Sela Melody handpans offer an extremely affordable entry into the world of handpans without having to compromise on sound and quality. They are partly machine-made and made of nitrided steel. Nitriding hardens the surface of the handpan, giving it a percussive sound that resonates much faster than handpans made of stainless steel. Due to their shorter sustain, nitrated handpans are also ideal for fast playing, as the tones are more clearly separated and overlap less. This feature is also very beneficial for beginners, as improvising and playing based on gut feeling is much easier. Handpans made of nitrated steel require more care than stainless steel models and should, therefore, be cleaned regularly and protected from moisture. Sela Melody handpans have a matte, dark blue finish, giving them a subtle and fascinating look.

The tuning D Amara (fundamental frequency 440 Hz) is one of the most popular handpan scales ever. The central note in the middle of the handpan is D3, with the notes A3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4, and C5 arranged in a circle around it. Thanks to its bright-sounding D minor scale, the D Amara can be used to play varied melodies, from calm and meditative to melancholic to powerful and cheerful.

Each Sela handpan includes a bag made of tear-resistant nylon fabric, which ensures optimal protection during transport. It can be carried comfortably by hand using the two handles or as a backpack using the adjustable shoulder straps. A practical outer compartment offers enough space for small accessories such as a metronome.



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BrandSela Percussion
Model NumberSE221
SeriesMelody Series


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