Sela SE286 2-Tone Beech Claves, 25mm
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Sela SE286 2-Tone Beech Claves, 25mm

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SELA's 2-Tone Claves are a unique and versatile addition to any percussion tool kit. Each clave bar has a different length (215 and 200 millimeters) and thus differs from conventional pairs of tonewood claves, which are usually the same length. Depending on which clave you use as your striker, you can produce two distinct high and low pitches.

The SELA 2-Tone Claves are made in Germany from high-quality German Beech wood, which has a bright tone and provides a powerful, penetrating attack.

Claves are heavily featured in Latin American music, such as Rumba, Salsa, and Bossa Nova, and even provide the styles their characteristic groove ("clave"). They form the basic rhythmic framework to which all other instruments are oriented.


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BrandSela Percussion
Model NumberSE286


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