Songs for Learning: Volume 3
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Songs for Learning: Volume 3

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A unique, multi-sensory reference for music therapists or special education teachers working with junior high and high school aged special needs students.  Each age appropriate song comes with lesson ideas and objectives.  Many also have accompanying flashcards.  This book is easy to use and relevant to a population of people that can be hard to find age appropriate materials.  -Jenny


Songs for Learning Vol. 3 By: Diane Hannibal, MME, MT-BC 26 page spiral bound book with CD and visual aids More songs and lesson ideas for junior high, high school, and transition programs students with developmental disabilities. Songs for Learning, Volume 3 is structured identically to the previous volumes of this series.; The songs are simple enough to use with all ages, but especially age-appropriate for the older student.; The lesson plans are easy to follow and not laborious.; Any teacher or therapist can implement these plans and fulfill academic and/or social/emotional objectives appropriate for the functioning level of any student.; Extension ideas are always listed so that the teacher and therapist can work together and coordinate their plans if they choose. The visual aids are an important part of any lesson or session with students who have developmental disabilities.; It helps the verbal students with identification and helps the non-verbal students have a way to participate more fully in each lesson/session.; The visuals accompanying this book were all created by the author, taken by the author, photos that are public domain, or used by permission. ; Contents 1.; Dinosaurs 2.; Manners 3.; Money, Money 4.; In Our World 5.; Popcorn 6.; Culinary Combo 7.; Community Helpers Song 8.; Introduce Yourself 9.; The Food Groups Song 10. Food Groups


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AuthorHannibal, Diane


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