Sonor Orff Free Bar Bag

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For purchases of all SONOR Orff Xylophones and Metallophones between JANUARY 1, 2021 through MARCH 31, 2021.

You’ve got this school year in the bag! We're partnering with SONOR Orff Instruments to help you spend more time teaching and less time searching for lost bars! All SONOR Orff xylophones and metallophones include F# and Bb accidental bars that go missing far too often.

Purchase ANY SONOR Orff Xylophone or Metallophone between January 1 – March 31, 2021, submit this Redemption Form no later than April 30, 2021, and receive a FREE* BSK, BTAK, or BGBK bar bag to hold any of your bars not in use!

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Sonor Palisono TAKX 100 Tenor-Alto Xylophone
Item No. 201738 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Sonor Primary AXP 1-1 Alto Xylophone
Item No. 203775 In Stock
Sonor Palisono GBKX 100 Bass Xylophone
Item No. 201726 In Stock
Sonor Primary GBXP 1-1 Bass Xylophone
Item No. 203777 In Stock
Sonor Primary SXP 1-1 Soprano Xylophone
Item No. 203773 In Stock
    *Free bag to be redeemed through the online form at Bag ships separately.