Sound Innovations for String Orchestra: Sound Development (Advanced), Viola
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Sound Innovations for String Orchestra: Sound Development (Advanced), Viola

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Sound Innovations: Sound Development highlights the skills needed for string players to perform with a beautiful sound. The elements of producing this sound are presented in four categories: Sound Tone, Sound Bowings, Sound Shifting, and Sound Scales and Arpeggios. The exercises in each of these categories are flexible and can be used as individual exercises or as structured ensemble units. Video demonstrations of primary skills referenced in the books can be viewed online at
Below are highlights of skills in the advanced level of Sound Development:
Sound Tone: sequential exercises to develop skills that affect tone production, such as bow speed and bow weight.
Sound Bowings: Focusing on right-hand technique, the exercises refine martele, colle, spiccato, portato, col legno, ricochet, and hooked bowing to enhance musical style and sound. Double stops are also presented.
Sound Shifting: Finger patterns are expanded to introduce different positions and shifts. The intermediate level provides a thorough presentation of 1st through 7th positions for all instruments. Thumb position, tenor clef, and 8va are introduced.
Sound Scales and Arpeggios: three-octave scales, arpeggios, and broken thirds are included for all keys.


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