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Teacher-Favorite Musical Instruments and Classroom Essentials

What are the very best musical instruments and learning essentials for general music classrooms? Ask the music teachers! To make the most of their classroom budgets, they choose classroom-friendly, low-maintenance favorites that are 1) effective, 2) durable, and 3) guaranteed to spark musical curiosity in young learners. Voting with their dollars, music teachers have selected the following items from the West Music Classroom Catalog as their favorite musical instruments and learning essentials.

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The West Music Classroom Catalog is THE definitive music teacher’s classroom guide.
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Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano Recorder
Item No. 400295 In Stock
Yamaha Ivory
$10.79 $5.49
GAMEPLAN Complete K-5 Curriculum
Item No. 841323 In Stock
GAMEPLAN Kriske, Jeff DeLelles, Randy Book Set Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Kindergarten
Basic Beat BBV567 Rolling Orff Stand
Item No. 260087 In Stock
Basic Beat
$229.99 $149.99
Remo 100 Series Kintekloth Tubano Set of 3
Item No. 203574 In Stock
Remo Kintekloth
$1,703.70 $1,019.85
Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano Recorder 100pk
Item No. 401858 In Stock
Yamaha Ivory
$1,079.00 $520.99
Sonor Primary AXP 1-1 Alto Xylophone
Item No. 203775 In Stock
$551.90 $329.95
$13,204.80 $7,895.95
Makala MK-S Soprano Ukulele
Item No. 303685 In Stock
Makala Natural
$69.00 $59.00


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