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Teacher-Favorite Musical Instruments and Classroom Essentials

What are the very best musical instruments and learning essentials for general music classrooms? Ask the music teachers! To make the most of their classroom budgets, they choose classroom-friendly, low-maintenance favorites that are 1) effective, 2) durable, and 3) guaranteed to spark musical curiosity in young learners. Voting with their dollars, music teachers have selected the following items from the West Music Classroom Catalog as their favorite musical instruments and learning essentials.

Read It. Rumple It. Riddle It with Sticky Notes!

The West Music Classroom Catalog is THE definitive music teacher’s classroom guide.
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Aquila Nylgut 4U Soprano Ukulele Strings
Item No. 354171 In Stock
$12.00 $7.00
Aquila Nylgut 7U Concert Ukulele Strings
Item No. 354174 In Stock
$10.50 $7.00
Aquila Nylgut 21U Baritone Ukulele Strings
Item No. 354173 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$12.25 $8.00
Aquila Nylgut 10U Tenor Ukulele Strings
Item No. 354172 In Stock
$10.50 $7.00