Clearance Drums & Percussion

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When shopping for a percussion instrument, quality, durability, and function should be the main considerations. However, value is also a crucial factor - especially for budget-conscious music educators and musicians. Often the best way to find value is by looking at what is on sale. Fortunately, lower prices don't equate to lower quality when drums and percussion instruments are on clearance. Sometimes they are just an indication that a newer model is available or the discontinuation of the instrument. In other words, a mark down is the perfect opportunity to stock up!

Clearance drums, triangles, bells, and wood blocks are available for replacing lost or broken items, building up and expanding a collection of instruments. These necessary pieces equip students without worrying about the cost if something wears out. While percussion on sale certainly applies to the instruments themselves, it can also include the relevant accessories necessary to play, care for, and transport these instruments. Bags, stands, heads, and mallets are just some of the discount percussion and drum accessories available at mark down prices.