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DEMO Studio 49 Series 2000 AM 2000 Alto Metallophone
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Studio 49
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USED Studio 49 Series 2000 BM 2000 Bass Metallophone
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Studio 49
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DEMO Studio 49 Series 1600 AM 1600 Alto Metallophone
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Studio 49
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    For years, the Orff Approach encourages student's exploration and performance. By combining music, movement, drama, and speech, children intuitively learn. Orff considered percussive rhythm an integral part of human expression and as a result, the method tends to include xylophones, marimbas, glockenspiels, and metallophones. Working closely with a student of Carl Orff, the renowned drum manufacturer, Sonor, began developing a range of instruments. The designs of these instruments take into account the mental abilities and playing techniques a growing child.

    While all Sonor Orff instruments are high quality and able to withstand the rigors of classroom play, great value is available with marked down and used items. Clearance Orff instruments and accessories, including metallophones and mallets, are the same as those found at regular price, but on sale for a variety of reasons. Often these reasons include an older model sold or demo products (gently used instruments). Purchasing these instruments can mean that the same high quality of the new, regularly priced items is available for a fraction of the cost - something that budget-conscious music educators will certainly appreciate.

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