Concert Ukulele 2024

concert ukuleles for the classroomconcert ukuleles for the classroom

It’s difficult to argue against the ukulele: it’s portable, relatively inexpensive, and you only need to learn 3-4 chords to play a LOT of songs. Ukuleles can also improve a student’s cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, self-expression, and socializing opportunities, helping children grow and develop in a fun and meaningful way.

The soprano is the most common for beginners, but larger ukulele sizes offer a number of advantages.


The larger body and longer neck may be more comfortable to hold, which may put the instrument in a more natural playing position for some students.


Less Cramped
More frets and space between them. This will allow for easier finger positions when moving up the fretboard as fingers will become less cramped.

More Range
This may be more useful if you are offering advanced classes where you will play beyond the first position (past the first 5 frets). Concert and tenor ukuleles typically have a higher range with 17 or more frets to a soprano’s 12. 

Student’s Perception
Students may view it as more as a true musical instrument and less as a novelty/toy. The larger ukulele size becomes more guitar-like to play and listen to.