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Basic Beat BBV567 Rolling Orff Stand

Basic Beat

Item No. 260087
Alt. Part # BBV567
UPC Code 881970008520

What I like about this Orff stand is it was designed by us!  We put our heads together, looked at what we would want an Orff instrument stand to do if we were still in the classroom and came up with this stand.  It fits your bass xylophones or metallophones as well as the sopranos and altos, or tenor/altos in the case of Sonor instruments.  It’s easy to switch from one size of instrument to another and then adjust once you get there.  Here’s the part I really like, no tools needed, ever.   -Judy

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Finally, an affordable, tool-free cart that fits most Orff instruments! The ease of use and effortless transportation makes it a must for any classroom. Height is easily adjustable on Basic Beat BBV567 with the push of a button. The caster wheels make transporting Orff instruments a breeze, and they lock to secure its placement.

Easy height adjustment between standard and reverse position.
Diatonic soprano and alto instruments use the standard position
Bass instruments use the reverse position.
Tool-free assembly.
Push button adjustment.
Caster wheels.
Can be used with most major brands of Orff instruments.


Included: 1 Rolling Cart
Fits: Sopranos, Alto, and Bass Xylophones or Metallophones as well as Sonor Tenor/Altos Xylophones or Metallophones
Assembly: No Tools Required
Wheels: Locking Caster Wheels

Brand Name Basic Beat
Reviews (11)
  • The best stands
    These are hands-down the best xylophone stands. I use them with my basses and altos, although they are adjustable so I am sure they could also hold sopranos. Don't bother with the "name brand" stands that match your instrument brand. They are more $$ and no good!! The only criticism I have about these stands is the wheel locks. I would love to have an option to not have wheel locks. My instruments are kept in a public space and kids will sometimes play with the locks and then it is hard for students to roll them and then they don't know what is wrong. I have never in my many years of teaching wanted the wheels locked.
  • These are fabulous, worth the wait
    Had to wait a while for these to arrive (supply chain challenges), but customer service was phenomenal and they are so very well designed and constructed. Sturdy, safe, easy to quickly adjust mid class, and I am no longer worried about my students moving these heavy instruments on their own. Very easy to adjust for different instruments as well! Directions are well written- follow the steps so the safety features are correctly in place. Extremely happy with this item, hoping to slowly add more to the classroom over the next few years!
  • You Need This
    I have several of these. They work great. Basses, Altos or Sopranos are supported by this cart. Simply flip the side pieces over for smaller xylos. With my bass xylos, I drilled a hole in the instrument and bolted them on. The carts already have a hole in the center of the support bar. EZ PZ.
  • These carts are great
    I have 5 in my classroom and I'm getting two more. They have held up really well for a few years now. They need to be tightened occasionally, but they are great quality! They're adjustable for use with all the orff instruments I have, including the studio 49 flat boxes.
  • My Favorite
    This is my favorite stand for mallet instruments!! It holds basses in one position and then if you flip the support beam, it can hold altos, alto/tenors, or sopranos. Everything is adjustable. It comes with velcro so that you can stick the instrument on but switch out easily if needed. It doesn't "clamp" like some brands do but you can kind of squeeze the bottom part together after putting on the instruments and between that and the velcro, it's super sturdy. The wheels roll smoothly. I wish I had enough for all of my instruments!!
  • Not for smaller instruments
    I was purchasing this stand for an alto/tenor xylophone. After I got it together, I realized that it is way too big for the instrument. Additionally this stand does not come with the clamps to hold the instrument in place, it comes with velcro. I am going to switch this one with one of my current bass stands and hopefully it will work better. The stand is incredibly sturdy and very well made, the design is just not what I need for soprano and alto instruments in an elementary classroom.
  • Awesome for all xylophones/metallophones!
    I purchased one of these stands last year for my Global Beat Bass Xylophone, mainly because the global beat instruments aren't overly durably constructed, shall we say, and I figured that if the students were able to move it by rolling it rather than constantly picking it up, it would extend the life of the xylophone. It works beautifully with the bass, but I was skeptical about how it would work with the sopranos and altos until I bought two more this year. It works just as well with the smaller instruments, and I do not feel nervous at all about them being top heavy or anything as I feared. The heights adjust easily so it's no big deal to switch between 6th graders and first graders. The velcro definitely helps a lot to add to the stability and safety of the instruments on the stands. I will be buying more of these stands!
  • Sturdy for Bass Xylophones/Metallophones
    Not as easy to set up as the table stand, but very sturdy. Personally I prefer the table stand for soprano/alto xylophones. The lowest positioning of the push buttons allows for the same height as the lowest table stand setting. This stand allows for protruding edges, whereas the table stand is flush.
  • Very versatile cart
    I needed some carts for my hodgepodge of instruments and ran across this one. I ordered 1 just to see how it worked. I loved it so much that I immediately ordered a second one. Now I'm looking at what's left in my budget to see if I can get 1 or 2 more. I love that they work with all of my different brands (I have to change the set up for some brands, but that's easy enough). The push button height adjustment takes the guess work out of changing the height between grade levels. I haven't had any problem with any parts dragging on the carpet like some have mentioned. My back is much happier rolling than lifting.
  • Great Stand for Barred Instruments
    These carts are easy to put together and make movement of instruments so much easier. They are sturdy and I have never had an instrument fall over. The velcro provided keeps the xylophone securely anchored in place, but can also be removed if need be. These carts are a quality product.
  • GREAT product
    I was provided some grant money and decided to get my Orff instruments up off the floor with 20 of these rolling carts. So far, I have been nothing short of thrilled with them. I like that the kids can move them around the room as needed - for sound grouping/management/performance. My taller 5th graders appreciate that the instrument can be raised for them. The only very minor drawback was the lack of assembly instructions. It did not take long to figure out, however.
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