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Many famous musicians tell stories about unwrapping their first guitar or bass.

It was life-changing —giving them purpose and passion when they needed it most. West Music has a ginormous selection of fine acoustic and electric guitars, basses, and accessories from brands like Fender, Martin, Ibanez, and more. May we suggest wrapping up just the strap or some picks, then waiting a few minutes (or hours) before casually pulling out the Stratocaster. Kids, you’re never too cool to get punked by Santa.

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Fender® Frontman® 10G 10-Watt Combo Guitar Amplifier
Item No. 600512 In Stock
Fender Combo Electric
$299.99 $229.99
Snark SN-RE Rechargeable Clip-On Tuner
Item No. 357679 In Stock
$29.99 $19.99
Westwood AG-601 3/4-Size Acoustic Guitar
Item No. 307599 In Stock
$164.99 $114.95
$799.00 $599.00

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