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The wonderful thing about being a drummer? There’s always one more to add to your kit.

Bongos, congas, djembes, tubanos, bucket drums, chimes, xylophones, cowbells – everything is absolutely, positively gotta-have-it. Our eclectic collection of world drums and percussion instruments features bongos, congas, djembes, tubanos, bucket drums, chimes, xylophones, and much more from brands like Pearl, Remo, Sonor, and Mapex. Many can be played with a stick or by hand, making them fantastic for music therapy patients, group drumming sessions, and children.

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Basic Beat BB201 Egg Shaker
Item No. 202376 In Stock
Basic Beat 3 Years+ Various
$4.95 $1.95
$283.60 $169.95
$227.00 $139.99
$64.20 $28.95
Remo Festival FB-2514-66 14" Bass Drum
Item No. 205466 In Stock
$386.50 $226.95
$283.60 $169.95
Remo Mondo DJ-0014-05 14" Key-Tuned Djembe Earth
Item No. 201943 In Stock
Remo Brown
$726.00 $469.95
$840.70 $529.95
$283.90 $169.95


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