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Keys to Imagination


Keys to Imagination Music Classroom Games

Add a new level of gaming fun and bubbly energy to your music classroom! These four interactive music games were created by piano teacher Michelle Sisler to teach her piano students music fundamentals. She soon found the games were motivating her students to learn and practice. Now you, too, can use these music games to musically inspire your students. Designed to make music concepts stick, each is based on solid instructional design theories.

These games are hybrid games: you keep the printed game boards in your classroom and access the digital calling cards online. You can play these internet-based games on any device with 30+ students. There is nothing to download or install. For large-group play, the calling cards can be projected or displayed on a smartboard.

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Rhythm Riot™ (Classroom Levels 1 & 2)

Beginning through advanced music students will develop a solid rhythmic foundation with this comprehensive rhythm game. Rhythm Riot delivers results while creating enthusiasm and is the perfect companion to any method. Great for individual or group lessons with up to eight players, play this music game in as little as ten minutes, or modify it to fit the lesson time available. Game includes quarter, half, dotted half, whole notes, and their corresponding rests in 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time. Level 2 adds eighth notes.

Legato Lake™ (Classroom Levels Primer & 1)

Legato Lake is a perfect way to introduce and review music terms, symbols, and concepts in your elementary classroom. Be the first to catch all the fish in your lake to win the game! After playing this easy music classroom game, students will become more aware of the music terms and symbols. Teachers will appreciate how quick and easy this music terms and symbols game is to learn and play.

NoteWordy™ Spelling Bee (Classroom Levels 1, 2 & 3)

Your students will be buzzing about this classroom note-reading game! Identify the notes and mark off letters on the game board. Points are scored for completing words. Smaller words are worth less than larger words. Great for individual or group lessons, you can play this music game in as little as five minutes.

Don't Fret™ (Classroom Levels 1 & 2)

Be the first to cover all the guitar picks on your board to win! This learning game is a perfect way to teach and review music terms and symbols in your music classroom. Great for two to thirty players, it’s a fun classroom game that complements any music curriculum.


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Note Wordy Spelling Bee (Hybrid)
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Legato Lake - Primer and Level 1 (Hybrid)
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Don't Fret: Music Terms and Symbols (Hybrid)
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