Moline Community School District Band Catalog

Moline, IL
Director: Zach Morton

These are all items that I recommend because of their quality, and the necessity to own them to better care for your instrument and to help advance your musical abilities! If there are different kinds of the same item, and you aren't sure which one to get, ask me for help, and I'll help you decide. Thanks!

Mr. Morton

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West Music Trumpet Care Kit
Item No. 450165 In Stock
$19.99 $15.00
West Music Clarinet Care Kit
Item No. 450161 In Stock
$19.99 $15.00
$6.95 $5.95
$182.00 $107.99
West Music Saxophone Care Kit
Item No. 450160 In Stock
$19.99 $15.00
$16.25 $9.49
$15.95 $12.80
West Music Trombone Care Kit
Item No. 450164 In Stock
$19.99 $15.00
DEG Trumpet Lyre w/Flip Folder
Item No. 520081 In Stock
$17.95 $14.40