Movement Props 2022

hand puppets 

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March 14 through April 3

Children know it and teachers do, too. Somehow bean bags, scarves, and stretchy bands make lesson time feel like playtime. Almost like magic, movement props make it easier to focus, cooperate, and learn. West Music has a complete selection of bean bags, scarves, ribbons, parachutes, stretchy bands, puppets, and more that can help you bridge the mind-body connection with children of all abilities. 

To get started, pair your favorite prop with the books and music you already use during classroom lessons or music therapy time. West Music’s education consultants have even more ideas on how to weave movement props into your lessons — just ask!

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$27.99 $24.00
Basic Beat BBSL6 6" Maple Lummi Sticks, 12 Pairs
Item No. 540004 In Stock
Basic Beat
$20.99 $17.00
Westco 20' Parachute with 16 Handles
Item No. 255129 In Stock
$108.95 $69.95
Basic Beat BBSL12 12" Maple Lummi Sticks, 12 Pairs
Item No. 540327 In Stock
Basic Beat
$34.95 $28.00
West Music SC7201-27 27" Unhemmed Scarves
Item No. 540377 In Stock
West Music
$24.00 $19.95
Basic Beat BBSL12C 12" Lummi Sticks, 4 Colors
Item No. 540396 In Stock
Basic Beat 5 Years+
$37.95 $30.00
Westco 7' Streamers
Item No. 540089 In Stock
$43.99 $29.95
Westco 9' x 9' Blue Scarf Canopy
Item No. 540250 In Stock
$39.95 $24.95
West Music WM54 Hemmed Scarves
Item No. 540055 In Stock
West Music
$99.99 $64.95