Kathleen Staten, Manager of Music ConstructED

We all have that one music teacher we adored. That’s Kathleen. With a Bachelor of Music degree and Performer’s Certificate from Indiana University, she taught general music for six years and has amazing stories to back it up. She once played oboe, traverso (googling “traverso”), and recorder professionally. If you’re an Interlochen Arts Camp alumnus, you may have crossed paths – she spent six summers there. As a recovering perfectionist (preach!), she lives by the motto “Practice makes perfect permanent.” See if you can spot her deep love for Boomwhacker karaoke (also googling) and dishwasher-friendly recorders in her list of favorites.


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Boomwhackers Complete Upper & Lower Octave Set
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Basic Beat BB25B 25 Player Rhythm Set
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Basic Beat
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Nuvo Recorder Plus, White/Blue
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HAPI Drum AURA-A MIN 10" Steel Tongue Drum - A Minor Pentatonic, Purple
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Singing Games Children Love, Vol. 2
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Gagné, Denise
Rumble in the Jungle
Item No. 835324 In Stock
3-5 6-8 Andreae, Giles