Shop Randy’s favorites! As an education consultant, Randy is an expert on mariachi instruments and accessories. He also assists with anything else his customers need. Check out some of his personal mariachi picks, along with a few of his favorite must-haves.

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Westwood C-50 Classical Guitar with Hard Case
Item No. 304350 In Stock
$249.99 $179.99
Wenger Guitar Rack, Maple
Item No. 530415 Ships directly from Manufacturer
$38.99 $19.19
Basic Beat BBFR5 Medium Frog Rasp
Item No. 201129 In Stock
Basic Beat
$29.25 $24.95
West Music Bird Sound Set
Item No. 202908 In Stock
West Music
$16.00 $8.95
The Puppet Company Baby Monster Hand Puppets
Item No. 540369 In Stock
The Puppet Company
$99.96 $89.96
Basic Beat BBDC Duck Call
Item No. 400751 In Stock
Basic Beat 3 Years+
$6.95 $3.95
Jamtown J004S Small 7.5-9" Gankogui
Item No. 201767 In Stock
$28.00 $27.95
Kazoobie WAZOO Kazoo
Item No. 400969 In Stock
Kazoobie Kazoos 3 Years+
$5.99 $4.95