Regina Catholic Education Center Orchestra Catalog

Iowa City, IA
Directors: Diane Platte

Welcome to the Regina Catholic Education Center, Orchestra Catalog! Here you can find all of the recommended accessories for string orchestra based on your director's preferences.

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West Music Wire Music Stand with Bag
Item No. 500121 In Stock
West Music Music Stands
$19.99 $9.99
Accent ACC-705 Tuner/Metronome
Item No. 500537 In Stock
Accent Metronome/Tuner
$39.95 $32.00
Ingles SA-22 Cello/String Bass Stand
Item No. 351328 In Stock
$75.99 $56.95
$16.99 $13.99
D'Addario Natural Light Rosin
Item No. 352248 In Stock
$6.50 $4.55
Xeros XCA Cello Endpin Anchor
Item No. 350425 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$24.95 $16.25
Prelude J1010 4/4 Cello String Set
Item No. 352247 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
$121.75 $56.05
$16.99 $13.99
Dampit Violin Humidifier
Item No. 350403 In Stock
$24.95 $12.99