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Add a Little STEAM to your STEM Curriculum

Power up classroom learning by adding some STEAM to your STEM! By adding artistic and musical concepts into the standard STEM curriculum, you get STEAM. It’s a wholistic approach that helps students see the natural connection between music and the STEM concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Check out our top picks for adding STEAM to your STEM curriculum!

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Boomwhackers BWDG 8-Note C Major Diatonic Set
Item No. 200346 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$31.79 $26.24
Boomwhackers 2 Octave Complete Set
Item No. 205400 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$149.95 $115.60
Boomwhackers BWCG 5-Note Chromatics Set
Item No. 200348 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$21.29 $17.85
Boomwhackers Complete Upper & Lower Octave Set
Item No. 205399 In Stock
$131.96 $89.99
Drums Alive! Drum Set 65 cm
Item No. 205178 In Stock
Drums Alive
$74.39 $51.00
Boomwhackers BWJG 7-Note Bass Diatonic Set
Item No. 200347 In Stock
Boomwhackers 3 Years+
$55.79 $45.14
Drums Alive! Bucket Base
Item No. 263853 In Stock
West Music
$28.90 $20.00
Drums Alive! Drum Set 55 cm
Item No. 205175 In Stock
Drums Alive
$72.39 $47.00
NINO Percussion NINO954-2 Deluxe Classroom Cajon
Item No. 205388 Ships directly from Manufacturer
NINO Percussion
$1,162.00 $699.99