Steel Bar Glockenspiels - Pure, Crisp, & Supremely Kid-Proof


Introducing SONOR® Meisterklasse Steel Bar Glockenspiels for Music Classrooms and Orff Ensembles

SONOR Meisterklasse steel bar glockenspiels sound like heaven and are very durable for your classroom. The innovative steel bar design creates a pure, bell-like tone with crisp resonance while resisting fingerprints. Available in soprano and alto models, each glockenspiel features a 13-bar diatonic scale (C2 – A3) with three additional chromatic bars (F#2, BB3, and F#4). They are the perfect addition to your SONOR Meisterklasse aluminum bar glockenspiels.

  • Stainless steel sound bars create a pure, bell-like tone and crisp resonance
  • Bars are natural and unpainted
  • Side magnetic bar holder ensures extra bars aren’t lost and are close by for bar changes
  • Includes a set of SCH4 mallets
  • Two-year warranty on parts

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