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Ukulele Step-Up 2022


Step up to a high-performance ukulele that’s uniquely you

The dynamic duo. Two peas in a pod. Strummas from different muthas. When you find a ukulele with the right features, sound, and styling, the bond is undeniable. From Fender’s Telecaster and Stratocaster designs to Lanikai’s supremely versatile acoustic/electric ukuleles, your new favorite uke can be found at West Music.
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Gold Tone BU-1 Concert Banjo Ukulele
Item No. 304863 In Stock
Gold Tone
$333.32 $249.99
$249.00 $199.00
Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert Birch Ukulele
Item No. 301132 In Stock
Oscar Schmidt
$225.00 $119.99
$409.00 $309.00
$289.00 $219.00
$253.32 $189.99
$253.32 $189.99
$253.32 $189.99


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