Yamaha 20 Series YRS-20BP Soprano Recorder Pink Translucent


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Yamaha is a brand well known in the music world so start your beginning recorder player out right with the Yamaha recorders.  When my daughter was in elementary school, she had to have one of each of the three translucent models, and quickly designed her very own tri-toned version.  Well, at least until everyone else in class decided to follow suit and share some of their parts too! See items 400289 and 400288 for the other colors! -Judy

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Fill your classroom with beautiful melodies with Yamaha’s 20-Series 3-Piece Recorder in translucent pink.

This brightly-colored, see-through, C-Soprano recorder is made of durable and lightweight ABS resin. Its quality makes it a great recorder for all skill levels and the design makes it easy to learn on.

Don’t let the fun color deceive you, this is a quality instrument.

Pink translucent
Three-piece construction
Baroque fingering
Key of C
Double holes: low C and C#, and low D and D#


  • Recorder
  • Plastic bag
  • Fingering chart
  • This Yamaha recorder does not include a cleaning rod. We recommend purchasing item #450806 (Harmony BB26 11"Plastic Cleaning Rod).

    This recorder uses three-piece construction which offers numerous advantages:
    They’re easy to clean and dry.
    Fingering can be adjusted to fit player’s hands by slightly swiveling pieces.
    To improve intonation the foot joint’s position can be altered.
    To ensure children are not playing their recorder when they are supposed to be listening, teachers can have students remove the head joint when they’re practicing their fingering.

    The recorder comes with a carrying case to protect it between uses. Since the recorder is transparent, we recommend purchasing a cleaning rod and cleaning cloth to keep it clean and looking its best.

    Recorder Care:
    After playing, wipe out moisture inside of recorder (use a lint-free gauze or cloth); then put the recorder in its case. Use item # 450806 - BB26 11"Plastic Cleaning Rod with the cloth.
    The labium (where the air flows in the front of the recorder just under the mouthpiece), and section immediately surrounding it, is the most important part for sound production. Be careful not to damage it in any way.
    The mouthpiece section is the part most easily dirtied; always keep it clean. Wipe the outer surface clean whenever it becomes dirty. NEVER use benzine or methyl alcohol.
    Use recorder cream around the joints when assembling your recorder.
Brand Name Yamaha
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  • Excellent price, quality instrument, speedy shipping
    This recorder is great for our beginner musicians. Great price with fast shipping, I recommend West Music, and will buy from them again.
  • Pink recorders
    Received in great condition!!
  • Great recorders!
    These are great recorders with a good sound! I've ordered them for years!Easy for students to play low notes!