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I just love the Frog Rasps! They are made of wood with a beautiful wood grain. Surprising, they even sound like real frogs. They come in several sizes, so you can get an entire family and each one will sound entirely different! - Peggy

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"Wood frog rasp, hand-carved in Vietnam and Thailand.   For the best sound, we recommend rubbing the striker (included) over the frog's back ridges from tail to nose. The result will make a convincing croaking-type sound. The larger the frog, the lower the pitch will be.
Striker is included.
Available Sizes:

Itty Bitty (201132) - 2-1/4""
Extra Small (201131) - 3-1/2""
Small (201128) - 4-1/4""
Medium (201129) - 5-1/2""
Large (201130) - 7-1/2"""
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