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Brightly colored and so affordable, kazoos can be guaranteed to create a smile or a chuckle. Even your shyest singers can cheerily and gustily hum a tune!  -Kathy

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These brightly colored, high-quality kazoos will add a smile to your day!
Note the savings when purchasing large quantities of kazoos - price drops when you purchase 100 or more!
Plastic kazoo, 4-3/4" long. Colors will vary, and may include pink, green, yellow, or orange. What makes our kazoo different? The West Music Kazoo is manufactured with the highest-quality plastics (polypropylene) and pigments. They are molded in a state-of-the-art, medical quality injection molding facility in the United States. Cheaper, imported kazoos are made of polystyrene, which is brittle and breaks easily leaving sharp edges. Our kazoos are not brittle and do not break. It's all about the resonator...that little round paper underneath the 'child-safe' cap is what makes a kazoo work. Many kazoo manufacturers use cheap wax paper or cellophane to make the resonator. The West Music kazoos are made with a high-tech polyethylene paper that is louder and longer lasting than most kazoos. Best of all, our kazoos are waterproof! Our manufacturer has their own custom-built resonator cutting machine that creates the resonators to their exact tolerance. The resonator IS the kazoo! It's all about safety! Our manufacturer has spent thousands of dollars on improvements to their tooling to ensure that our caps are not easily removeable and are safe for kids! The West Music Kazoo caps are inserted by a machine with 100 lbs. of pressure. Our cap cannot be easily pried out. Dishwasher-safe! Can be cleaned on the top-rack of your dishwasher, or even in just hot, soapy water! Allow to dry completely before using. Our kazoos are made in the USA!
Wondering how to play the kazoo? The kazoo is played by singing or speaking through the instrument. This induces an air current which makes the membrane (resonator) vibrate and thus creates a summing, "nasal" sound. By wholly or partially covering up the membrane hole a great variety of sounds are created. The membrane is what makes the kazoo work! This membrane gives the kazoo it's distinction from the "horn section" instruments. The kazoo can be viewed as a singing drum. Therefore, it is of no use to simply blow through a kazoo, which is a common mistake of first-time kazoo users. Further, it is not recommended to make a hole in the membrane, since this ruins the instrument.
Specifications: Made in the USA. Colors will vary. Sold individually. For ages 3 years and older.
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