Remo Fiberskyn 3 HD-8512-00 12" Frame Drum


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Alt. Part # HD-8512-00
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This 12” version of the Remo Fiberskyn frame drum is best played by children that can easily handle a little larger drum.  The frame drum can be held in one and played by striking with your free hand in the middle for a low sound, on the rim for a higher short sound, or in the middle with a cupped hand for a muted low sound. These drums can also be played while placed on the lap with your hands or a small soft mallet.  -Randy

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The Top Selling Remo HD-8512-00 12" Frame Drum features Remo's pre-tuned technology providing warmth and projection when played with a hand or mallet. Constructed with an Acousticon drum shell and a pre-tuned Fiberskyn drumhead, these frame drums produce excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals typically found with traditional wood shell drums, making them ideal for professional and Recreational applications. Available in sizes: 8" - 22". Each of the 4 larger drums (12", 14", 16" and 22") features a thumb notch for ease of use. The 8" and 10" drums do not include a thumb notch. Available in six sizes: This listing is for the 12" drum only. 8" (Item 200925) 10" (Item 200926) 12" (Item 200927) 14" (Item 200928) 16" (Item 200929) 22" (Item 200930) Also available as a set of 6 -- Item 200924
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