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Remo E1-1316-BE 16" Bahia Buffalo Drum Black Earth


Item No. 203746
Alt. Part # E1-1316-BE
UPC Code 757242499764

The Bass Buffalo Drum is a favorite of mine because of its deep rich bass tone. It's a beautiful sound! This drum looks sharp with the all black frame and head. It is great in a classroom setting due to the cross rope handle which makes it good for teacher demonstration. - Jeanna

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The Remo E1-1316-BE 16" Bahia Buffalo Drum in Black Earth finish is equipped with a rope handle and a Bahia Bass synthetic drumhead, which produces a pure soothing bass tone when struck with the soft mallet included. Dimensions-16" (w) x 3.5" (h)

Brand Name Remo
Reviews (13)
  • Deep sound
    A fantastic drum, with a lot of variety of sounds. Of course, all sounds are bass and deep. A marvel. A ship that transports you beyond yourself.
  • Beautiful deep tone
    This drum fully met my expectations.
  • Buffalo drum bass
    I love this drum my friends also love it and want to purchase one. The price is great! The sound is so nice I love the bass.
  • Buffalos Bass drum
    Oh I love the sound of this bass drum!
  • Excellent value
    Well constructed, very durable. Big and boomy sound for its size. Play around and find the "sweet spot." Kids and teens love to play with it. They think it looks cool as well.
  • Bahia Buffalo Drum
    Lovely tone, well made, and durable!
  • Beautiful vibrations
    It has a powerful deep bass vibration that resonates for a good period of time. I took this to a couple drumming circles and it everyone loved it. A leader of one of the drumming circles liked it so much she asked me where I purchased it and bought one for herself.
  • Great Drum!
    Love this buffalo drum. It creates a very deep tone with vibrations you can feel. As a therapist my clients love this drum. West Music is the best place to buy it too.
  • Remo Bass Buffalo Drum
    Wonderful instrument with an incredible tone.
  • Durable, deep-sounding drum
    This drum's shell and head construction seem very strong and produce a deep, satisfying sound. In order to improve the sound, dampen the head to accentuate low tones and use a heavier mallet.
  • Wonderful for Journeying
    Nice full deep sound. Rope is slightly frayed so not sure how long it will hold up. Overall very happy with the drum.
  • YES, great drum!
    I agree with Michele, this drum is brilliant. The FAT-ness of the head's construction gives it a soft, yet BIG attack. For such a reletivley smalll drum, this thing is a sound monster. What I found is, depending on where you smack it, there are many tones and sounds. When you find the "sweet spot" it actually is disconcerting, as the sound is so deep and big. Amazing drum. Makes a great BASS element in any drumming group... unless you have a whole bunch of people going wild, then maybe you want something with more shell in order to carry more volume.
  • Must be felt - not just heard!
    After testing a number of drums at Remo - ranging from Shapes and Frame Drums to Sound makers - This Drum stopped me in my tracks! The Pure tone of the Bahia Bass head, coupled with the sharp looking texture of the black earth frame - made it a must have for me!
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