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Spooky Sounds & Stories


Zing! Zwoop! Creeaaak! How to Cast a Spell with Spooky Sounds


A thunderous thwack. Mysterious tinkling bells. There’s no better way to spark student imaginations this time of year than with creepy crawly, spook-tastic musical sounds. 

Many teachers tell us they keep these fun starters in their top drawer or back pocket. A favorite of students, these instruments help boost creativity, problem-solving, abstract thinking skills and more. They’re especially effective in eliminating student distraction when teaching online lessons. 

Try using sound to spring a supernatural surprise whenever classroom energy drops. Add nail-biting suspense to any lesson, song or story. Use them as a reward – everyone wants a turn on the Thunder Tube and the clippity-cloppity Sand Blocks! You’ll find a zillion ways to use these musical sound effects all year long. Just don’t be surprised when the ruckus draws a few curious visitors to your classroom. No one can resist ‘em!


Our West Music and Music ConstructED experts have even more ideas for incorporating sounds and stories this fall. Check out our articles here!

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Boomwhackers BWDG 8-Note C Major Diatonic Set
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Boomwhackers 3 Years+
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Basic Beat BBC01 Plastic Finger Castanet
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Basic Beat 18 Months+
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Basic Beat BB542 Crank Ratchet
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Basic Beat Natural Silver
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Basic Beat BBV12 Vibraslap
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Basic Beat
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Basic Beat BBSM Kokoriko
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Basic Beat Natural
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Basic Beat BB39 Stir Xylophone
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Basic Beat
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Basic Beat BBH17 12" Slapstick
Item No. 204161 Temporarily out of stock, reserve yours today
Basic Beat
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Remo SP-0207-TL 7 x 2 1/4" Thunder Tube Lightning
Item No. 201493 In Stock
Remo 5 Years+
$17.30 $7.95