Square Dancing the American Way (CD)
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Square Dancing the American Way (CD)

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This Booklet and CD contains all basics and features Swing and Grand Square. This collection provides students with a means to experience their own national folk dance reflecting the very spirit of our country.

Basics and Concepts Necessary for Performing These Dances (with descriptions of each):
Sequence of Couples, Shuffle Step, Circle, Forward and Back, Dos-a-Dos, Promenade, Men (Ladies) Promenade, Head (Side) Couples Promenade, Exchange of Partners, Ladies Chain, Head (Side) Ladies Chain to the Right, Four Ladies Chain Three Quarters, Allemande Left, Right Hand Turn, Star, Head (or Side) Couples Star Left (or Right), Star Promenade, Back Out, Grand Right and Left, Weave the Ring.

New Basics Introduced (with description and diagrams):Swing, Grand Square.; Description of the Dances and Dance Choreography;and Timing for:Real Madrid, I Wrote a Song, Wild about Honey, If Love Is Just a Game, Last Farewell, Something About You Baby, I Write the Songs, Happy Days Are Here Again, Sugar Blues, God Bless America.
For ages 8 and up.


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