Michigan Orff Collage

Michigan Orff Collage - Intro to Orff & Level III

June 17 - 28, 2019

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Introduction to Orff Schulwerk

  • Music for Children 2 (American edition)
  • Hands On Recorder Book 1
  • Aulos A903E Soprano Recorder

Level III

  • Music for Children I (Murray)
  • Music for Children II (Murray)
  • Music for Children IV (Murray)
  • Music for Children III (Murray)
  • Music for Children V (Murray)
  • Aulos A903E Soprano Recorder
  • Aulos A309A Alto Recorder
  • Hands On Recorder Book 2
  • Recorder Improvisation & Technique 3
  • Stuke fur Flote und Trommel 1
  • Spielstucke fur Blockfloten 1A
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Hands On Recorder, Book 1
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Music for Children, Vol. 2 Primary
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Aulos A903E Soprano Recorder
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