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GAMEPLAN Grade 3, Curriculum Book


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Teachers tell us they love the sequencing and the way each lesson is laid out. This can be a real bonus for a new teacher and a lovely convenience for an experienced educator. - Kathy

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Each grade level in the GAMEPLAN series includes 35 weeks of lesson plans for the elementary music specialist. This curriculum is organized chronologically through the school year from September to May with four lessons per month, each with approximately 60 minutes of activities. There are over 170 activities in Grade 3.

GAMEPLAN has organized musical objectives in a logical progression that is educationally sound and developmentally appropriate. GAMEPLAN presents the lessons in a concise format that is practical, easy-to-follow and user-friendly.

Each grade level includes:

  • Lessons organized into a logical sequence
  • Yearly plan categorizing objectives in 5 conceptual areas
  • Experiences in imitation, exploration, improvisation and visualization
  • Holiday and seasonal activities incorporated into the teaching sequence
  • Activities that spark creativity and higher-level thinking skills
  • Repertoire rich in folk literature, nursery rhymes and traditional singing games
  • Four formal written assessments
  • Seating chart template, including space for assessment
  • Illustration of all of the charts and visuals used in each lesson

Rhythm Objectives: Demonstrate pulse (quarter note/half note/dotted half note/whole note), label whole note, label whole rest, label dotted half note, label sixteenth notes and experience Question-Answer technique (body percussion).

Melody Objectives: Demonstrate proper vocal technique, develop a repertoire of songs (folk/seasonal/multicultural/patriotic), label staff, experience SLMRD melodies, identify D, identify L, experience SMRDL melodies, identify Fa scale tone and hand signal, identify S and label treble clef lines and spaces.

Harmony Objectives: Demonstrate proper mallet technique, experience ostinato, distinguish between major/minor, demonstrate simple bordun (crossover), label canon/round and demonstrate score reading (two-part).

Form Objectives: Demonstrate phrase, identify interlude, experience extended form and label rondo.

Timbre Objectives: Differentiate between crescendo and decrescendo, identify orchestral string family, identify orchestral percussion family, demonstrate accent on hand drum and identify fermata.

The corresponding Charts and Visuals are available separately (Item 827888). The GAMEBOARD, item 550062, has classroom visuals and is a companion to the GAMEPLAN curriculum.

Children's literature used in GAMEPLAN Grade 3:

  • One Hundred Hungry Ants (item 836128)
  • Shake Dem Halloween Bones (item 835658)
  • Time for Bed (item 860939)
  • The children's books are available for a savings in a set, item 861038.

All the musical examples used in this curriculum are listed on page X (10) of the Preface. Individual tracks can be purchased as available on iTunes.

The following recordings, listed on page X, are available from West Music:

  • Rhythmically Moving CD 1 #850843
  • Rhythmically Moving CD 2 #850844
  • Rhythmically Moving CD 3 #850845
  • Rhythmically Moving CD 5 #850847
  • Rhythmically Moving CD 8 #850850
  • Rhythmically Moving Complete 9-volume set #850842 for a savings.
  • Contrast and Continuum Vol. 3 #850221
  • Contrast and Continuum Vol 4 #850222
  • Chimes of Dunkirk Book/CD #839920
  • Listen to the Mockingbird Book/CD #815521

Click here for an October, 2019 statement from Jeff Kriske and Randy DeLelles, authors of the GAMEPLAN Curriculum.

Songs and Poems:

  • A - I: 2 4 6 8, A Famous Man, A Rig-A-Jig-Jig!, Ama Lama, America, Bate Bate, Bear Hunting Song, Burn Little Candles, Captain Don't Side Track Your Train, Create a Rondo, Cross Down, Dancing Snowflakes, Do-Re-Mi-Fa, Double Trouble, Down to the Baker's Shop, Fuzzy Wuzzy, The Golden Rule, Great Big House, The Halloween Cat, Hand Drum Canon, Hill and Gully Rider, Hurry Hurry Mary Dear, I Can Play That!, I Can Read That!, I Got a Letter, I Love the Holidays, I'm Gonna Sing, I'm Hungry, Instrumental Piece #17, Instrumental Pieces III #32, It's in the B-A-G!, I Went to the Animal Fair
  • J - Q: Johnny on the Woodpile, Leprechauns, Wizards and Giants, Letters and Shapes, Li'l Liza Jane, Love Somebody, Mary Lost Her Coat, Movement Canon, My Horses Ain't Hungry, Nino Querido, Old Brass Wagon, Old Joe Clarke, One Hundred Hungry Ants, Once An Austrian Went Yodeling, Papa Moses, Pease Porridge Hot, Pizza Pizza
  • R - Z: The Radio Game, Remember Me, Rhythmic Canons 1 #2, Rocky Mountain, Sally Go 'Round the Sun, Sally in the Kitchen, Sausage in the Pan, Scotland's Burning, Shake Dem Halloween Bones, Smitty, The Staff Has Five, The Star Spangled Banner, Sweet Dreams, Talk to Me, That's the Way to the Zoo, Three Little Monkeys, Time for Bed, Two or More Groups, Two Reasons to Give Thanks, Up the Ladder, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, When the Saints Go Marching In, Willowbee, Why?

Author Kriske, Jeff DeLelles, Randy
Format Book
Print Age/Grade Grade 3
Reviews (1)
  • Excellent Resource
    The Game Plan curriculum is an excellent tool for any K-5 classroom. While most activities in the lessons can be completed as they are, you'll have to make some modifications to fit the needs of your students and your time limits. The curriculum itself is great, and I occasionally substitute some of the songs in the lessons for others since I didn't buy any of the supplemental materials. It's a great tool if you're looking for some guidelines for your K-5 music class!
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