The Kodaly Concept of Music Education in Practice DVD-ROM
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The Kodaly Concept of Music Education in Practice DVD-ROM

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The Kodaly Concept of Music Education in Practice Editio Musica Budapest DVDA representative selection of demonstration class videos from kindergarten to secondary school and choir. Includes sections on Kodaly's life, the Kodaly Concept and Demonstration Videos, English and Hungarian texts and video excerpts. This is a revised edition of the 2006 DVD-ROM published under the same title and sponsored by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Council of the City of Kecskemet Kodaly Heritage Programme.There are 9 excerpts from demonstration classess representing the teaching process according to the Kodaly Concept as it is realized in Hungarian primary and secondary schools with a special music curriculum. For each demonstration topic, a methodology class from the Institute is shown (English is spoken) and then a primary or secondary class is shown (Hungarian is spoken). The children's grade level shown are noted below. Contents: The importance of using musical mother tongue; (Kindergarten) Usage of hand signs; (grade 3) Developing musical reading and writing skills,(grade 4) Developing polyphonic skills; (grade 4) Developing improvisation skills; (grade 5) Stylistic features of the Renasissance; (grade 5) Stylistic features of Baroque music; (grade 7) Introducing and practicing rhythmical asymmetry; (grade 8) Teaching harmonic elements of the Viennese classical style; (grade 10) Video of a methodology class at the Institute Video of a performance of Tricinia No. 5 Video of a performance of Kodaly's Dancing Song Video on the Foundation for the Kecskemet Kodaly Institute


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Model Number50486694
AuthorZoltán Kodály
PublisherEditio Musica Budapest


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