The Tale of Guido d'Arezzo
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The Tale of Guido d'Arezzo

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"The Tale of Guido d'Arezzo" by Maritza Mascarenhas Sadowsky is an interactive storybook about the inventor of modern music notation. Before Guido, a medieval monk, music had to be learned aurally and memorized because there was no way to write it down.

Sadowsky uses age-appropriate words in this historically accurate story, so elementary students will understand and not be overwhelmed by this piece of music history!

The interactive software is both Mac and PC compatible, and the story can be read from the screen. The embedded audio plays medieval music and exciting sound effects and has a professionally voiced narration. The CD-ROM works on individual computers and interactive whiteboards.



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AuthorMascarenhas Sadowsky, Maritza
Barcode ISBN9781470632465
PublisherAlfred Music


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