The Windsongs Series, Book 4 I'se the B'y
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The Windsongs Series, Book 4 I'se the B'y

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From The Windsongs Series, a progressive method for soprano recorder for individual or classroom instruction. "I'se the B'y"is the fourth in a sequential series of six books leading from the first steps in recorder playing to musical literacy and the beginning of consort playing. Each book in the series serves as a workbook, as there are tasks and exercises for the children to complete.

Each book also builds upon the last, adding the notes in a logical sequence. The series uses sol-fa syllables and rhythm syllables (ta, ti ti, etc.) and leads to reading staff notation. Each book includes a combination of both English and French songs which draw on the rich heritage of Canadian folk songs.

For ages 6 to 12.
Range of notes: B, A, G, E, D, C, high C, high D; adds high E, F, F#.


  • Practice Record
  • Note Vocabuary
  • Twinkle Little Star
  • Turn the Glasses Over
  • Les Petites Marionnettes
  • The Sandman
  • Syn-Co-Pah
  • Canoe Song
  • Tam Ti (dotted quarter note, eighth note); Ti Tam (eighth note, dotted quarter note)
  • That's a Mighty Pretty Motion
  • Li'l Liza Jane
  • Tim Ri (dotted eighth note with sixteenth note); Ti Rim (sixteenth note with dotted eighth note)
  • Wind the Bobbin; Old King Glory
  • Rhythmic Phrase Building
  • Melodic Phrase Building
  • Ah! Si Mon Moine
  • Donkey Riding
  • Pentatonic Scales (C, F, G)
  • Key of G; F#
  • Dance; Sur le Pont d'Avignon
  • Skip to My Lou; Donkey Round
  • Tingalayo
  • Things That Go Round
  • I'm So Tired; Frere Jacques in G
  • The Key of F; Bb
  • Mystery Tunes
  • Happy Birthday; Mystery Tune
  • Frere Jacques in F; Entendez-vous sur L'Ormeau
  • Michael Row the Boat
  • Oh How Lovely; Jibidi
  • White Coral Bells
  • Springtime Has Come; The Birch Tree
  • Derry Ding Dong; Chairs to Mend
  • Old Farmer Buck
  • Get to Bed
  • Who Killed Cock Robin
  • J'ai du Bon Tabac
  • Cockles and Mussels
  • Streets of Laredo
  • Night Herding Song
  • I's the B'y


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PublisherEmpire Music
SeriesThe Windsongs Series for Recorder, Orff or Kodaly Programs


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