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Vamos a Cantar is a collection of 230 Latino and Hispanic folk songs to sing, read and play edited by Faith Knowles. Songs are notated on the treble clef staff and lyrics are in Spanish. Translations are "snap shots" offering the gist and the idea of the text and are not meant to be used as alternative lyrics.

The folk songs are organized from a melodic point of view according to the Kodály system of teaching: pentatonic songs, songs including fa, songs with ti but no fa, songs with fa and ti. Rhymes and chants are also included in this collection.

There are three indices: General, Alphabetical, and a Type/Game/Country Index. The General Index has this information: number, Spanish title, Title translated into English, Solfege content, Range, Meter, Anacrusis, Form, and Type-Game. Some supplementary cultural information, sources, pronunciation guide and basic vocabulary and expressions used in music education are given.


  • Preface
  • Organization of the Songs and Explanation of the Indexes
  • Icon Guide
  • General Index
  • Songs Rhymes and Chants
  • Alphabetical Index
  • Type-Game-Country Index
  • Supplemental Cultural Information Bibliography/Sources Pronunciation Guide and Vocabulary

Songs - English Titles:

  • A, B - A Cat Fell, A Letter From the King Has Come, A Nip and a Peck, A Sailor Went to Sea, A Sardine, Alice Goes for a Ride in a Car, Among the Plants, An Angel Descended from Heaven, Anton from Peru, Arch of Santiago, Atocha Road, Auntie Caliche, Ay My Friends, Beautiful Children, Beautiful Little Bird, Blessed (Virgin) Shepherdess, Blessed Virgin Goes Walking, Boat Drifts Away, Bread and Cinnamon, Butter Cakes
  • C, D, E - Chabela, Chicks, Child Goes in the Coach, Chini Mini, Chocolate Grinder, City of Nowhere, Clear Running Brook, Clucking Hen (The), Cobbler, Cockroach, Come Along Anita, Come Little Shepherds, Come Sweetheart Let’s Sing, Cows Here and There, Cute Little Fishy, Dance to the Tambourine, Dawn, Dirty Little Shoe, Doll, Dove, Duck Little Ducky, Ducklings, Dying of Laughter, Eggshells, Erichori
  • F, G, H - Family, Farewell Goodbye Isabel, Ferry Passing, Five Little Pups, Flea and a Mouse, Flower of Alheli, Flower, Fluttering Bird, For Pedro was so Bald, Frankenstein, French Hen (The), Game of the Silly Goose, Get Up Jane, Giddy Up Little Burro, Go To Sleep Now, Go To Sleep, Golden Bell Ringer, Heal Heal, Hen That Got Lost, Holy Child of Atocha, Hours, How My Finger Hurts!, Hushabye My Darling, Hushabye My Wee One
  • I - I Am a Little Indian, I Am a Young Widow, I Am the Lamplighter, I Come From the Spreading Willow Tree, I Got Up On a Cow, I Have a Basket, I Have a Little Dolly, I Have I Have, I Have to the Teacher, I Know the Way, I Saw Saw Saw Saw You, I Saw Your Skeleton, I Wanted to Marry, I Was Teaching My Child to Sing, I Will Keep It, If My Little Chick, In the Garden of My Home, In Uncle Vincent’s House, Indian Lament, Inez, Isabel Catalin, It Rings It Rings, It’s Raining, Ivory Statues
  • J, K, L - Juan Pirulero, Just Born in Bethlehem, Kings From the East, La Zandunga, Lamplighter, Let It Rain, Let’s Play Grown-Ups, Let’s Play in the Forest, Let’s Play, Let’s Sing and Dance, Lieutenant’s Little Burro, Little Ant, Little Charcoal Girl, Little Coyote, Little Darling, Little Dove, Little Egg, Little Lame Girl, Little Leg, Little Mice, Little Orphan Girl, Little Owl, Little Rooster, Little Snail, Little Threads of Gold, Long Legged Stork, Lord Cat, Lord Pussy Cat, Lullaby
  • M, N, O - Maria the Shepherdess, Mary White, Matarile Rile Ro, Matarile, Matatero-tero-la, Miss Spider, Miss White, Monkey Puppet, Moon Moonlight, Mount Morena, My Brunette Sweetie, My Bunny, My Donkey, My Lady Has Seen a Child, New Born Child, Nonsense, Now it is Raining, Of All the Horses, Of You Marie, On the Bridge of Avelleira, One Day Death was Here, Orange Sweet Lemon Sour, Oranges and Lemons
  • P, Q, R - Parrot’s Song, Patent Leather Shoe, Peeper (Little Frog), Pim Pim Seraphim, Pinata Has Peanuts, Pipis y Ganas, Plate of Salad, Prayer, Pretty Gardener, Purple Hen, Put Put, Rice Pudding, Riquirran, Rise Up Shepherds, Roast Chicken, Romance of the Carnation, Round and Round We Go, Round and Round
  • S - Saint Serafin of the Mount, San Jose and Maria, Santo Domingo, Sawing and Buzzing, Seller of Grapes, Senor Gato, Senora Santa Ana, Serpent of the Sea, Shepherdess, Shepherds and Shepherdesses, Shepherds to Bethlehem, Shovel Little Shovel, Skeleton, Skull, Sleep Little One, Sleep My Chameleon, Sleep My Child, So Many Fine White Dresses, Soon, Stick Stick, Stir Stir the Chocolate, Sweet Child
  • T - Thankless Sweetheart, There in Japan, This is Christmas Eve, This Little Girl, Three Captives, Three Chicks, Tiny Frog of Puerto Rico, To Block the Street, To Madru Ladies, To Mr. Chi-Chinese, To the Serpent of Love, To the Spirit, To the Vine and the Arbor, Tonight It Has Rained, Tortilla Tortilla, Two Peacocks (Turkeys)
  • U, V, W, X, Y, Z - Uh Uh Uh!, Una Do Li Tra, Underneath the Button, Up in the Sky, Walking Walking, Water Saint Mark, Way to Bethlehem, What a Beautiful Flag, What Joyful Gardeners!, Wheel of San Miguel, Where are you going vain One?, Who are these People?, Who is that Lady?, Widow of the Count of Cabra, With a Knowledgeable Stature, Wolf, Yesterday at the Spring, Your Sewing Machine


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AuthorKnowles, Faith
PublisherKodaly Institute At Capitol

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