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Yamaha 20 Series YRS-24B Soprano Recorder


Item No. 400295
Alt. Part # YRS-24B
UPC Code 86792507972

Yamaha is a brand well known in the music world so start your beginning recorder player out right with the Yamaha recorders. The ivory YRS-24B has been a favorite of mine as an educational consultant from the very beginning.  -Judy

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Every student should own a soprano recorder! Pick up the Yamaha Recorder YRS-24B today from West Music!


One of the most popular recorders in the world, the YRS-24B is easy to play and has a pure soft tone.

Players of every level will enjoy playing any recorder in Yamaha’s 20 series.

This recorder is made of ABS resin, combining outstanding Yamaha quality with durability for the ultimate in lightweight recorders.

Three-piece construction
Baroque fingering
Key of C
Double holes; low C and C#, and low D and D#
Soprano recorder
Recorder is 12 ¾"long


  • Cloth bag with drawstring closure
  • Fingering chart
  • This Yamaha recorder does not include a cleaning rod. We recommend purchasing item #450806 (Harmony BB26 11"Plastic Cleaning Rod).

    Recorder Care:
    After playing, wipe out moisture inside of recorder (use a lint-free gauze or cloth); then put the recorder in its case. Use item # 450806 - Harmony BB26 11"Plastic Cleaning Rod with the cloth. The labium (where the air flows in the front of the recorder just under the mouthpiece), and section immediately surrounding it, is the most important part for sound production. Be careful not to damage it in any way. The mouthpiece section is the part most easily dirtied; always keep it clean. Wipe the outer surface clean whenever it becomes dirty. NEVER use benzine or methyl alcohol. Use recorder cream around the joints when assembling your recorder.
Perfion__Brand Yamaha
Reviews (12)
  • Great product
    This is my 31st year as a music educator and I have always been happy with this recorder. It has a nice tone and is very sturdy. I have been given other brands and they do not compare. The only problem that I have had is with students popping out the center of the mouthpiece and then getting it back in crooked. I do wish that West would throw in a cleaner with this recorder. The bags are not great but sufficient.
  • Better than we expected
    This recorder is absolutely awesome! The bag that came with the recorder is a nice addition as well. It has a great sound and my son is enjoying it very much!
  • good price and quick delivery
    These are just what we needed for our program. We were happy with the price and they came quickly. Thank you
  • Great quality recorder - reasonable price
    I am a general music teacher and when I started at a new school last year, the recorders I inherited were mismatched, aged, of poor quality, and in a dreadful state of cleanliness. I needed a solution so that my fourth graders would embrace learning the recorder! I was able to purchase a grade level set of recorders,120 of them, with free shipping and at a reasonable price. The nice thing about having matched recorders is that one aspect of intonation is solved merely by having identical recorders. Having a three-piece recorder was an easy choice and was never a problem as I didn't have any issues with kids taking them apart. The Yamaha brand is endorsed by the vast majority of respected educators in our field and this model is particularly good. Also, if you are using the Recorder Karate program, the end of the recorder and the color allows for a nice display without getting in the way of the quality of the instrument. Looking for a quality recorder? Look no further...
  • Great Recorder, Flimsy Case
    I love these recorders for students! They have a nice sound and they come apart, which allows for adjustments of the bottom hole for small student fingers. The cases they come with, however, are a different story. The drawstring at the top hardly closes and very often comes untied or comes off completely. It is quite annoying.
  • Excellent beginning recorder
    Worth their price- they are in tune, they're easy to play, and they're easy to clean. My only complaint is that the strings on the bags they come in break very easily, making it easy for the recorder to slip out.
  • an inexpensive alternative
    Good start, inexpensive, tone a bit "thin" but expected for the plastic construction. Like the 3 piece, note no cleaning rod was included, so provide for this. If you can wait to save your pennies for a wooden instrument you may want to consider that,.
  • Excellent quality student recorders
    I bought these recorders for 6th grade students, and they have the look, feel, and sound of true instruments, inspiring my students to treat them as such and to seek to play them accordingly.
  • Great recorder (bag not as great)
    I love these recorders. They are durable, in tune, and adjustable for kids with different length fingers. I have used these for years and enjoyed them. Going to conventions, sometimes I am given other brands of recorders as a promotion, but they never compare to the Yamaha recorders. The one thing that sometimes happens is that the casing around the drawstring of the bag gets frayed, as kids put the recorder in and out of the bag. The bag definitely isn't as durable as the instrument, but I still like the recorders enough to put up with the bag.
  • Good purchase with good service
    I bought it online on 12/19 wishing for the delivery by Xmas holidays. Then the delivery came to my home on 12/23 with proper packaging. No worry at all with the purchase with the West Music. Good purchase good service to customers.<br /><br />Thanks again,
  • an inexpensive alternative
    Good start, inexpensive, tone a bit "thin" but expected for the plastic construction. Like the 3 piece, note no cleaning rod was included, so provide for this. If you can wait to save your pennies for a wooden instrument you may want to consider that,.
  • Yamaha YRS-24B Sop. Recorder
    This recorder is a winner! It has wonderful tone, the price is very reasonable and it sounds good with Orff instruments. I highly recommend this soprano recorder.

Find the perfect Yamaha soprano recorder here at West Music!