Ethical Thinking In Music Therapy - 2nd Edition
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Ethical Thinking In Music Therapy - 2nd Edition

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Coming late July 2021!

In this updated and expanded second edition, there is a thorough exploration of professional ethics for the music therapist. Topics covered include: the ethics of technology and social media,the music therapist as professional and person; clients' rights and therapists' responsibilities; confidentiality; boundaries, multicultural music therapy, education and training, ethical issues in private practice and more.

Table of Contents:

Copyright Page/          ii

Dedication/ iii

Acknowledgments/ iv

Table of Contents/ v

About the Author/ vi

Preface/ vii

Chapter 1: Introduction to Ethical Thinking/ 1

                        Introduction/ 1

                        Ethical Thinking/ 2

                        Terminology/ 3

                        The Background: Early Research/ 4

                        Principle Ethics and Theories of Ethics/ 5

                        Models of Ethical Development/ 9

                        Codes of Ethics/ 10

                        Interface of the Law and Ethics/ 12

                        Models of Ethical Decision-Making/ 14

                        Characteristics of the Decision-Maker/ 15

                        Introduction to the Analytic/Reflexive Model (ARM) of Ethical Decision-Making/18

                        The ARM Ethical Decision-Making Model/ 19

                        Threats and Deterrents to Ethical Thinking/26

                        Teaching Ethics/ 31

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 33

Chapter 2: The Virtuous Music Therapist/ 37

                        Caring/ 38

                        Empathy/ 40

                        Courage/ 42

                        Prudence/ 43

                        Humility/ 43

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 44

Chapter 3: Ethical Issues in Multicultural Music Therapy/ 45

                        Introduction/ 45

                        The Eurocentric Worldview/ 47

                        Sources of Bias, Privilege, Power and Oppression/ 49

                        Discrimination and Oppression/ 49

                        Race and Ethnicity/ 52

                        Microaggressions/ 53

                        Disabilities/ 58

                        Sex, Gender and Sexual Orientation/ 61

                        Classism/ 65

                        Ageism/ 65

                        Social Justice/ 66

                        Cultural Competence/ 70

                        Implications for Competent Multicultural Music Therapy Practice/ 73

                        Recommendations for the Field of Music Therapy/ 84

                        Dilemmas/ 85

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 90

Chapter 4: The Music Therapist as a Professional and Person/ 99

                        Professional Competence/ 99

                        Personal Competence/. 106

                        Personal Values/ 114

                        Personal Behavior/ 127

                        Dilemmas/ 127

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 131

Chapter 5: Clients' Rights and Therapists' Responsibilities/ 135

                        Informed Consent/ 135

                        Client's Rights and Therapist's Responsibilities/Therapeutic Alliance/ 138

                        Harm to Clients/ 145

                        Harm to Therapists/ 148

                        Termination of Therapy/ 150

                        Dilemmas/ 156

                        Additional Learning Experiences/160

Chapter 6: Ethical Thinking and Confidentiality/ 163

                        Confidentiality/ 163

                        Special Circumstances/ 172

                        Special Groups or Communities/ 175

                        Record Keeping/ 180

                        Dilemmas/ 186

                        Additional Learning Experiences 189

Chapter 7: Boundaries and Multiple Relationships/ 191

                        Boundaries/ 191

                        Touch/ 194



                        Therapist Self-Disclosure/ 202

                        Multiple Relationships/ 205

                        Dilemmas/ 215

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 220

Chapter 8: Ethically Important Moments in Music Therapy Research/ 225

                        Informed Consent/ 228

                        Ethics in the Research Process/238

                        Research Designs/ 240

                        Research with Specific Groups/ 246

                        Ethical Issues in Publication/ 253

                        Dilemmas/ 259

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 261

Chapter 9: Private Practice, Financial & Commercial Activities, and Responsibilities to the Public/ 263

                        Private Practice/ 263

                        Advertising and Marketing/ 270

                        Commercial Activities/ 273

                        Responsibilities to the Public/ 275

                        Dilemmas/ 280

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 283

Chapter 10: Responsibilities to Employers, Employees, Colleagues, and the Professional Association/ 285

                        Relationships with Employers and Employees/ 285

                        Responsibilities to Colleagues/ 287

                        Responsibilities to the Professional Association/ 292

                        Dilemmas/ 293

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 29

Chapter 11: Ethical Issues in Music Therapy Education and Supervision/ 297

                        Ethical Issues in Music Therapy Education/ 297

                        Ethical Issues in Supervision/ 311

                        Experiential Training in Music Therapy/ 319

                        Dilemmas/ 324

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 330

Chapter 12: Ethical Issues Involving Technology and Social Media/ 333

                        Music Therapy Telehealth/ 333

                        Social Media/343

                        Social Media Policy/ 348

                        Patient-Targeted Googling/ 350


                        Additional Learning Experiences/355

Chapter 13: Promoting Ethical Behavior/ 357

                        Ethics Violations/ 360

                        Litigation against Therapists/ 362

                        A Model for Ethical Practice/ 363

                        Additional Learning Experiences/ 365

References/. 367

Appendix: Codes of Ethics/ 411

            American Music Therapy Association/ 411

            Certification Board for Music Therapists/415

            Canadian Association for Music Therapy/ 419

            British Association for Music Therapy/ 423

            Australian Association for Music Therapy/ 425

            New Zealand Society for Music Therapy/ 433

Index/ 435


More Information
AuthorDileo, Cheryl
Barcode ISBN9780977027866
PublisherJeffrey Books


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