Remo World Music Drumming PP-WMDC-CC Package C
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Remo World Music Drumming PP-WMDC-CC Package C

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The need to present meaningful multi-cultural educational programs has never been as great as it is today, and enriching the lives of students through arts education has become an increasingly high priority. To provide an instructional method that adds an exciting new dimension to both cultural and musical awareness, Remo has developed the curriculum for World Music Drumming.
The World Music Drumming curriculum by Dr. Will Schmid is made up of 30 sequentially structured lessons that have been thoroughly researched and tested by leading music educators. Because the lessons are designed to be taught in the context of middle school general music classes and include the use of a variety of easy-to-play hand percussion instruments, all students in grades 6 through 8 can participate in this "hands-on"cross-cultural learning experience.
World Music Drumming brings the enjoyment and excitement of music participation while building important life-skills, such as communication, listening, teamwork, discipline and respect for others. In addition, WMD fosters community awareness and an appreciation of cultural diversity through its focus on world music.
Publication of this new teaching method follows more than two years of extensive research and field-testing in actual classroom situations throughout the United States and Canada. Teachers involved in pilot programs have reported better, more educationally integrated general music classes, improved attendance, and fewer discipline problems. Students and parents praise the World Music Drumming curriculum for bringing fun and relevance to their arts education experience.
To complement this innovative teaching method, Remo has developed four special percussion instrument packages that incorporate over 40 years of experience in creating drums and percussion for the world’s leading professional musicians. With their advanced yet authentic designs, Remo World Percussion features attractive, durable, and easy-to-play instruments that fulfill all the requirements of the curriculum for World Music Drumming.
Please note: The picture shown represents the instruments used in the World Music Drumming curriculum. The items may not be representative of the actual instruments in this package or the number of units included in each package. Please refer to the list below for actual number of instruments included.
Package C Contents:

1 - Remo 14" Standing Ngoma (AK-4014-AH)
3 - Remo 10" Tunable Tubanos (TU-1110-PM)
5 - Remo 12" Tunable Tubanos (TU-1112-PM)
3 - Remo 14" Tunable Tubanos (TU-1114-PM)
1 - Remo 12" Tunable Djembe (DJ-0012-PM)
2 - Remo Talking Drums (TD-0816-18)
2 - Remo Talking Drum Mallets (TD-1015-70)
2 - Remo 16" Bahia Buffalo Drums (E1-1316-BE)
2 - Remo Bongos (BG-5300-00)
8 - Pairs of Mini Maracas
2 - Guiros
3 - Claves
4 - Pairs of Maracas
1 - Gankogui, Medium
1 - Gankogui, Large
2 - Shekere, Axaste
2 - Remo 5-1/2" Acousti-Blox (AB-5400-16)
1 - World Music Drumming by Dr. Will Schmid (LI-0498-WM)

A note from the manufacturer: Due to manufacturing and supply issues, components of this drumming package are subject to change or substitution.


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