Music Madness! Totally Terrific Interactive Games
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Music Madness! Totally Terrific Interactive Games

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Get ready to have some serious fun! In her tradition of "heavy academics, delivered joyfully, " Artie Almeida is more excited than ever to bring you this collection of interactive games.

Appealing graphics, fun animation, competitive play and cool music will catch your students' attention while clearly-stated learning goals, leveled play and individual and team options will provide countless ways to use this software in your music classroom (and beyond).

Originally designed by Artie as "folder" games with physical flash cards, dice, visuals, manipulatives, etc. these games have been updated and brought to life through incredible graphics, engaging animation, fast-paced competition, hilarious narration and creative music. Many of the games also include both interactive review activities to prepare your students for the games and interactive assessments to solidify learning after the game.

Music Madness! games may be enjoyed by the whole class projected onto an IWB (Interactive White Board) or screen, or by an individual student at an individual computer or tablet. If you do not have an IWB, you can still project the games to a screen and use a wireless mouse to allow your students to navigate the game.

Games and goals:

  • "An Apple a Day" - Perfect for students just learning note values or those needing some fun review, this game is designed for team play.
  • "Aquatic Adventures" - Challenge students to read and recognize common rhythmic figures in 4/4 time. choose from 3 levels of difficulty.
  • "Dunk the Teacher" - Let students test their skill at naming pitches of the treble clef as they take aim at the virtual teacher!
  • "Dynamite Dynamics" - Choose between team or individual play and get ready for some raucous fun identifying common dynamic terms and meanings.
  • "Eggs-plosion" - Unscramble the common music terms before the egg timer goes off! This game features multiple categories of vocabulary words and team or individual play.
  • "Football Frenzy" - What a sporting way to test students' knowledge of orchestral instrument families! Choose from 3 levels and team or individual play.
  • "Galactic Goonies" - Protect the Notation Nebula from the Galactic Goonies and take melodic direction and intervals out of this world! Choose between melodic direction, melodic intervals, or both. This game has options for either team or individual play.
  • "Percussion Penguins" - These cool little penguins will test students' knowledge of non-pitched percussion timbres. This sequencing game gets more difficult the better your students do!




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AuthorAlmeida, Artie
PublisherHeritage Music Press


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