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DJ Software

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 Whether your child or student wants to become the next headlining DJ  or you’re just looking to adjust your favorite songs to make them  suitable for karaoke or classroom activities, West Music offers the  software needed to make it possible. Compatible with both Windows and  Mac computer systems, anyone with a computer can quickly and easily  create new beats or modify already existing songs to suit their needs.  Synchronize voice to the beat, speed up and slow down tempos, and add  reverb, the DJ software lets you make a variety of alterations to  produce the sound you want.

West Music carries DJ and karaoke  software from brands including IPE Music, and offers them at affordable  prices that work with an array of budgets. No matter if you’re looking  to buy multiple packages to download on students’ computers in the  classroom or just need one piece for your main laptop, we’ve got you covered.