Marsh Music

By Berkes, Marianne
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When I was an elementary music teacher in Florida, the author of "Marsh Music" came to my school to do a reading of this book and it was outstanding!  The students were exposed to different habitats and images of amphibious creatures.  We then composed several pitched and unpitched percussion compositions to represent the habitats and creatures and then performed it for a parent night.  Great resource!  ~Tereasa Evans

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At night, ten different species of frogs –from spring peepers and wood frogs to leopard and pig frogs - gather in a marsh. Fireflies light up the stage as Maestro bullfrog raises his baton, and the music begins, at first softly, but growing louder and louder as the night goes on. Just before dawn, the frogs depart, only to start again and again.
Throughout this fantastic story, each of the different species of frogs is carefully depicted and described by the author at the end of the story. The musical terms are defined in a glossary. A perfect story to use frog rasps!
Age 6-8 3-5
Ages 4 Years+
Author Berkes, Marianne
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