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Rounds Galore!
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Rounds Galore!

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340 great rounds by the old masters, plus contemporary folks like Jean Ritchie, Sally Rogers, Garrison Keillor, Peter Schickele and others. Gives background on many contributors as well as a handy guide on how to organize and run round gatherings, sight-singing for novices and more.

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Rounds in Celebration of Music
The Good News!
Round Singing Hints
Peter Schickele: A Musical Answer
Pat Shaw: A Most Engaging Englishman and All-around Genius
John Drumm: The Magic Touch
Isaac Asimov: The Good Doctor
The Folk Music Connection
The Folk Process
Gilbert and Sullivan
Male Chauvinist Rounds (And One Reply)
Elliot Z. Levine: A Western Wind
Musical Romances
Jan Harmon: A Versatile Marvel
Joanne Olshansky Hammil: New England Pied Piper
Dorothy A. Jackson: Voice of Oregon
More Composers: Ladies First, ...And More Ladies
Now the Gentlemen, ...And More Gents
A New Musical Dynasty?
Richard Peaslee: A Very Busy Man
Some Medium Difficulty Rounds
Some Less Familiar Blockbusters
Difficult But Excellent Rounds
From Foreign Shores
Goodnight and Goodbye

A - B: Abend Stille, Absalom, Adieu Sweet Amaryllis, Adventure of the 2nd Stain, After the Day Is Over, Ah Comme C'est Chose Belle, Ah Poor Bird (3 versions), Alice's Lullaby, Alleluia (Boyce), Alleluia (Krumm), Alleluia (Mozart), Alleluia (Russian?), Amaryllis' Rebuff, The Answer, Anti-Pigout Round (text), Apple Maggot Quarantine Round, April, Autumn Tide, Autumn's Silent Call, Ave Maris Stella, Banana Round, Banished Now, Before You Make a Promise, The Bell Doth Toll, Bells, Benediction, Benjy, Bergamasque, The Berry Song, Big Hairy Deal, Birthday Round (Schlesinger), Birthday Round (var., Shield), Birthday, Birthdays, Bizet's Canon, Bless Them That Curse You, Bless Us, Blessed Are We, Blessing for Children, Blow Wind Blow, Book Pasting Round, Break Thou the Arm, Breakfast, The Bumble Bee, Bumps, Burger King Blues, Buryin' Ground, By Moonlight

C - E: Canoe Round, Canon (Morris), Canons Are Fun?, The Cat Came Back, Celebrate Bridges, Chairs to Mend, Chantez Joliement, The Chanukah Chase, Chicken Soup, Christina, Christmas Round, Clearwater Round, Come Away, Come Follow Follow, The Crab of the Wood, Cuckoo, Cupid's Trash Truck, Dance for the Nations, Dancing Voices, Dangers of Knowing Your Name, Dave Evans Et Al, Death Is a Long Sleep, Deep in a Swamp, Die Blumen, Ding Dong Bell, Dona Nobis Pacem (trad.), Dona Nobis Pacem (Schickele), Doo-Wop (Scat) Round, Dreams of Harmony, Drinking Round, The Duchess at Tea, The Eagle, Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Earth Spins Around, Echo, Ecology Round, Ecumenical Quodlibet, Ego Sum Pauper, Engine #9, Et In Terra Pax, Eurhythmie

F - G: Fall, Farewell We Sing, Fie Nay Prithee John (parody), Filling the Pot, The Fly, Food Waiter Waiter, 4 Long Hours, Foxhollow Birthday Round, Franck's Canon, French Cathedrals (and parody), Frere Jacques (minor key), Friends of the Western Wind, From Ghoulies;and Ghosties, Full of Joyous Spirit, Gaily Ring the Shouts, Gaudeamus Hodie, Genesis, Ghost of Tom, Glass Houses, Go It Jerry, Go to Jane Glover, Goldilocks, Good Chicken Soup, Good Friend, Good Pizza Pie, Goodbye Round, Goodnight to You All, Great Tom Is Cast

H - K: Happy Birthday, Happy Days, Hard Times, Hark the Bell Is Ringing, Harvest Round (Gilpatrick), Harvest Round (Hayden), Hava Nashira, Heida, Here's a Round, Here's to Life, Hey Ho Nobody Home, Hey Ho to the Greenwood, Hey Ho What Shall I Say, Hine Ma Tov (various), Home Is the Place, The Horseman, Hot Tub Diplomacy, How Long, How With This Rage, I Love the Mountains, I See the Moon, I Shall Arise, I Walk in Beauty, Icarus Fell, If I'd As Much Money, Ilu Finu, In My Window, Invitation, Jane Glover, The Job Not Taken, John Doth Loveth Mary, The Joy of Music, Joy Upon This Earth, Just One Word, Kyrie

L - M: Lai La La La, Lame Tame Crane, The Leaves Are Green, The Leaves Turn Gold, Leisure Time, The Lessons of Age, Let Me Sleep This Night Away, Liebe, The Life Round, Lions, Liszt;and Brahms, Little Bo Peep, Little Jack Horner, Little Tommy Tinker, Long Is Our Winter, Lord Turn Not Away, Lost He Wanders, A Lot of Feet, Love Song, The Love Your Deepest Heart Desires, Love's Embrace, Lullaby (Davis), Lullaby (Krumm), Lust (Spring), Make New Friends, The Man in the Moon, Mary and Martha, Mary Quite Contrary, Melancholy Flower (text), Merrily Merrily Greet the Morn, Messina Round, Mr. Bach, Misty Morning, Mood Round, Moon Moon Silver Moon, Morning Turns to Glory, Mortals Learn Your Lives to Measure, Mt. Onancock, Mud, Music Appreciation Round, Music Shall Live, Music Sweet Music, Musical Math, My Blood So Red, My Candles, My Friend Sharon, My Laughing Child

N - Q: Navajo Prayer, New Year's Wish, New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club, Night Winds Blow, Noun, Noel (Kissinger), Noel, Non Obis Domino, Now I Can Sing, Now I Lay Thee Down, Now We Are Met, O the Time, Oak & Ash & Thorn, Oh Dad, Oh How Lovely Is the Evening, Oaken Leaves, Old Growth Trees, Old Man, Old Woman from Pride, On the Silent Water, Onawa's Waltz, Once in Our Lives, Once Twice Thrice I Julia Tried, Onward Through the Snow, Out of Eternity, Outgoing Message, Over Seas and Far Away, Packrat's Lament, Passengers, Pasta Round, Peace Is the World Smiling, Peace Round (Jackson), Peace Round (Ritchie), Peace Will Come, Perfect Light, Personnel Hoxie, Peter Pan, Peter's Grief, A Philosophy of Sorts, Pick Out the Pumpkin, Pitter Patter, Please Don't Walk, Please to See the King, Plop Fizz (text), Power of the Spirit, Priest's Song

R - S: Rage and Roar, Rain Round, Recycling (Itty Bitty Spider), Rhythm and Syncopation, Ride a Cock Horse (Shaw), Ride a Cock Horse (traditional), Ring the Christ Church Bells, The Ring-Round, The Road, A Rose, Rose, Round for Autumn, Round for Janie, The Round Group, A Round Is a Circle, A Round of Inspiration, Round of Seasons, Rules, Run Little Lamb, Rutabaga Round, Sanctus, Scalloped Potatoes, Scat (Do-Wop) Round, Shaker Life, Shalom Cheerio, Shower Canon (and companion round), Signor Abate, Silver Swan, Sing for the Living, Sing with Thy Mouth, Sizzle and Fry, Slipping, Svetlana, Snow Round, So Many Flowers, Solitude, Sol Weber (songs about), Songs, Soul Cakes, Spring (Lust), Spring Soon, Star Light, Study in Scarlet, Summer, Surprise, Suez Nance

T - Z: Take This Book in Hand, Tallies Canon, Tallies Round (and parody), Tawny Marsh, Tax Rounds (text), Temperate Zone Lament, Tender Shepherd, Thank You Pretty Cow, They for Sudden Joy Did Weep,Thinking Up Words, This Glorious Food, This Old World, This Pretty Planet, Thoughts Around Fall, Time Like a River, Time Sends a Warning Call, To Be or Not To Be, To Thee;and to a Maid, Trees, Trees of the Wild, Trumpets, Tumbao, Turn Amaryllis, Turn Not From Sad Sorrow, Vine;and Fig Tree, Viva La Musical, Wake-Up Round, Warriors 3, Waterfalls, Watermelon (text), Waters of Babylon, We Are Branches, We Are Stars, Welcome to Our Savior, Welcome Every Guest, Whatever Circles Comes from the Center, When I Woke Up, When Jesus Wept, When Mother Mary, When the People Are Silent, When You Go Out, Whet Up Your Knife, Whippoorwill, White Coral Bells, White Sand;and Gray Sand (and variation), Why Is the 4th of July, Why Shouldn't My Goose, Wild and Free, Winter, Winter Child's Round, The Woods Are Waking, Yeast Is Our Friend, You Are the Life in My Life, You Don't Know How Hard It Is, Yule, Zen Tsetse Fly, Zipper Round


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Country of ManufactureUnited States
AuthorWeber, Sol
PublisherWeber, Sol
Educational SubjectSong Collections
Print Age / GradeGrade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6+


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