101 More Music Games For Children
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101 More Music Games For Children

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101 More Music Games for Children presents more fun and learning with rhythm and song By Jerry Storms. Perfect for ages 6 and up, the games are based on music, song, and dance gathered from different cultures. This book includes rhythm games, dance and movement games, card and board games, and musical projects. All games stress humor, challenge, surprise, and cooperation rather than competition. Many of the games explore the basics of music and facilitate musical development. 

Through playing the games, children learn skills such as spontaneous singing, recognizing rhythms, and structuring sound. Appropriate age levels, times of play, and group size are indicated for each game. 101 More Music Games is an excellent resource for anyone, notably substitute music teachers who may not be musically trained.



  • The Aim of the Games
  • The Educational Value of the Games
  • Who Are These Games For?
  • Information for the Leader
  • Information about the Games
  • Key to the Icons Used with the Games
  • Some of the Instruments

The Games

  • Listening Games
  • Concentration Games
  • Expression and Improvisation Games
  • Rhythm Games
  • Sound Games
  • Dance and Movement Games
  • Relaxation Games
  • Multicultural and Intercultural Games
  • Game Projects
  • Card and Board Games


More Information
AuthorStorms, Jerry
Barcode ISBN9780897932981
PublisherHunter House


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