American Folksongs for Children
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American Folksongs for Children

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American Folksongs for Children Sung and played by Mike and Peggy Seeger 2 Disc Set ; This 2-CD set coordinates with Ruth Seeger's American Folk Songs for Children book (item 816116, available separately). These songs represent American life - our history and our present, rich and full of variety. The recordings feature autoharp, banjo, concertina, dulcimer, fiddle, guitar, jaw harp, mandolin, mouth harp and pan pipes. , CD 1 -;total time approx. 71 minutes. CD 2 -;total time approx. 68 minutes.,; CD 1: Yonder She Comes, Down Came a Lady, Who's That Tapping at the Window, Such a Getting Upstairs, Toodala, How Old Are You, Jimmy Rose He Went to Town, What Shall We Do When We All Go Out, Goodbye Julie, Goodbye Old Paint, Oh Oh the Sunshine, Sweet Water Rolling, The Wind Blow East, Rain Come Wet Me, It Rained a Mist, Rain or Shine, One Cold;and Frosty Morning, By'm Bye, Jim Along Josie, There Was a Man;and He Was Mad, Riding in the Buggy Miss Mary Jane, Billy Barlow, The Juniper Tree, Old Joe Clarke, Down by the Greenwood Sidey-o, Roll That Brown Jug Down to Town, As I Walked Out One Holiday, She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes, Juba, Run Chillen Run, All Around the Kitchen, I'm Going to Join the Army, Scraping Up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea, Old Mr. Rabbit, Old Molly Hare, Oh John the Rabbit, The Little Pig, Bought Me a Cat, Hop Old Squirrel, My Horses Ain't Hungry, Did You Go to the Barney, Have a Little Dog, Frog Went A-Courtin', Little Bird Little Bird, Free Little Bird.,; CD 2: Poor Old Crow, Ducks in the Millpond, Jim Crack Corn, Eency Weency Spider, Dog Tick, Who Built the Ark? Noah Noah, Mary Wore Her Red Dress, Pretty Little Girl with the Red Dress On, This Lady She Wears a Dark Green Shawl, Walk Along John, Do Do Pity My Case, Hanging Out the Linen Clothes, Lula Gal, Old Aunt Kate, What Did You Have for Your Supper, Baby Dear, Johnny Get Your Hair Cut, I Got a Letter This Morning, Rose Rose;and Up She Rises, What'll We Do With the Baby, Hush Little Baby, Pick a Bale of Cotton, This Old Hammer, The Train Is A-Coming, The Little Black Train, When the Train Comes Along, John Henry, Every Monday Morning, Going Down to Town, Sailing in the Boat, Blow Boys Blow, Fire Down Below, Sally Go Round the Sunshine, This Old Man, Skip-a to My Lou, When I Was a Young Maid, The Closet Key, Built My Lady a Fine Brick House, Where Oh Where Is Pretty Little Susie, Jingle at the Windows, Adam Had 7 Sons, Here Sits a Monkey, Go to Sleepy, Monday Morning Go to School, Hush 'n' Bye, Turtle Dove, Mary Had a Baby, Jesus Borned in Bethlea, The Cherry Tree Carol.


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