Country Parachute Roundup
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Country Parachute Roundup

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Country Parachute Roundup By Georgiana Stewart; CD with CD-size booklet of directions with diagramsUsing Country Western music, this CD introduces rhythms and coordination patterns that are fun to do and help children develop basic skills. The popular western dance steps and sequences - Cotton Eyed Joe, Two Step, Texas Two Step, swing, schottische and clogging - are presented simply and slowly. The dances can be done with a parachute or as circle, line or partner dances.Selections 1-7 contain narration directing the dance movements and then there are instrumental versions of each song. Tracks:1. Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Gallops, Lasso, Stomp)2. 9 to 5 (Knee Slap, Dip Kick)3. Cotton Eyed Joe (Two Step, Kick Variations)4. Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (Single, Double,;Triple Swing)5. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (Texas Two Step, Clog;Variations)6. On the Road Again (Polka, Toe-Heel Slide)7. Theme from the Dukes of Hazzard (The Good Ol' Boys); (Schottische, Grapevine)


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AuthorStewart, Georgiana
Barcode ISBN0937124688
PublisherKimbo Educational


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