Cows in the Kitchen: A Musical Play for Young Children
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Cows in the Kitchen: A Musical Play for Young Children

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Cows in the Kitchen

A Musical Play for Young Children

By Carol Kaplan-Lyss and Amy Glaser Gage

Book with Listening/Accompinament CD

Show runtime 20 minutes

Ages 5-9

This musical can be performed with or without speaking parts or solos. The story is told by a narrator, who pauses when songs are indicated. All of the children can sing all of the songs, but confident and inspired children may be persuaded to have a speaking part or solo. Several children may even enjoy being a member of an "orchestra" with simple rhythm instruments.You can customize this musical to the number of children in your group, easily adding or eliminating roles. If you have a large group of children, you can have a supporting chorus.


Cows in the Kitchen is a musical play based on an Eastern European folk tale about a very noisy family, living in a hut in a small village. Mama and Papa find that the household chaos is getting on their nerves. They seek the advice of the wise village Goo Roo (guru). "How can we have more peace in our house?" they ask. The Goo Roo gives them three pieces of puzzling advice. He tells them to bring various loud barnyard animals into their already cramped and noisy home. After filling their hut with chickens, goats and cows, the Goo Roo's final advice to the even more exasperated Mama and Papa is to take the animals out of the house and back to the barnyard. Their normal crazy home, in contrast, feels happily peaceful.


  • Step by Step: From Start to the Final Bow
  • Roles (Narrator, Mama, Papa, Children, Grandma, Goo Roo, Chickens, Goats, Cows)
  • Scenery, Set and Staging Ideas
  • Costumes
  • Rehearsal and Performance
  • Stretching the Learning
  • Here's the Musical Play        
    • Narration        
    • Lyrics        
    • Music: Singing Line
    • About the CD
    • Piano Accompaniment


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PublisherMilliken Publishing


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