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Elementaria, written by Gunild Keetman and translated by Margaret Murray, is a fundamental and practical handbook to Orff-Schulwerk (Music for Children), with rhythmic and melodic exercises and elementary movement. It answers the questions that teachers ask themselves when they first become acquainted with the material, its selection, organization, didactic preparation, and methodical presentation.

The book illustrates the basic principle of Schulwerk: that it does not entail study and performance of music, dance and movement within formal structures, but alternatively brings their enjoyment and comprehension to the school-child's awareness through a spontaneous, but progressive process.


Part 1:

Rhythmic-Melodic Exercises

  • Fundamentals
  • Rhythmic Exercises
  • Disposition and Posture
  • Reaction Training: Finding "Rhythmic Building Bricks"
  • Games with "Rhythmic Building Bricks"
  • Leading a Group/Making Up Accompaniments/Completing Phrases
  • Melodic Exercises
  • Disposition and Posture When Playing Barred Percussion Instruments
  • Accompaniments to Improvised Melodies
  • Accompanying 2 and 3 Note Songs
  • Songs with 2 and 3 Notes
  • Pieces and Songs Using Scale Sections
  • Suggestions for Teaching Pieces and Songs
  • Layered Ostinati
  • Making Up Accompaniments and Completing Phrases
  • Hints on the Early Stages of Recorder Playing
  • Speech Exercises: Word Series and Sayings with Rhythmic Accompaniment

Part 2:

Elementary Movement Training

  • Introduction
  • Reaction Training
  • Gymnastic Exercises
  • Movement Training: Walking; Running; Hopping and Skipping; Bouncing; Jumping; Galloping; Swaying
  • Movement Variations and Combinations: Running and Bouncing;
  • Continuous 3/4 Time with Skipping/Jumping/Turning;
  • Step Variations in 5/4 Time;
  • Movement Sequences Combining 2/2 and 3/4 Time
  • Movement Pieces
  • Elementary Movement Improvisation
  • Movement Accompaniment Suggestions for Movement Lessons for Beginners.
  • Appendix
  • Instructions on how to play the instruments used in the early stages of teaching
  • The Orff instrumental ensemble
  • Educational facilities offered by the Orff Institute, Orff-Schulwerk editions, records, films, and bibliography


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AuthorKeetman, Gunild
Barcode ISBN9780946535057


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