Found Soundology
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Found Soundology

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Take your students on an unforgettable musical journey as you encourage them to find and use everyday objects in place of traditional instruments with this collection of twelve original compositions. This resource will have your students seeing the world around them in a new (and musical) light.

While each piece is scored for suggested found sounds, you are encouraged to have your students get involved in the process by finding their own sound sources and/or tweaking those suggested.

Along with teaching and performing tips, recordings and reproducible student parts are included on the CD for your convenience. Use a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to access the data files.


  • Introduction
  • Instruments and Options
  • Implements
  • Starters
    • Table Jam
    • Cantiphonal
    • Look, Mom! One Stick
    • Where's My Lemonade?
  • Intermediate
    • Epidermal Vibrations
    • Short Ride from Downtown
    • Chair-o-Rhythmic
    • Meet Me in Woodville
  • Advanced
    • Kooky Contraption
    • ThingaMaBobz Parade
    • Found Five
    • Hot Full Breakfast and Indoor Pool
  • Online Resources
  • About the Author


More Information
AuthorShelton, Mark
Barcode ISBN0787714011
PublisherHeritage Music Press


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