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Kanbile SK Kakraba Lobi CD Solo and ensemble xylophone music of Ghana performed by SK Kakraba Lobi. SK was a featured artist at the 2015 AOSA Conference. He performs on the gyil, an African 14-bar instrument suspended over gourds. It has a characteristic buzzing sound when played because of thin membrances drawn across holes in the gourds. Other instruments on some of the tracks include voice, percussion, Atenteben flute (end-blown flute with a fipple mouthpiece), gome bass drum, shakers, kpanlogo drums, and guitar. This recording feature SK's compositions with local blues, rock and jazz musicians as well as pieces with fellow West African musicians and his own solo playing. Liner notes give information about the main instruments and notes on each piece.ContentsKanbile Wanyema Lobi Nangyibe Lobaa Take Five Sisaalaa Darifu Gandayina Anufaa Dey Naa Wubie Benekponbile Pirifu


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AuthorLobi, SK Kakraba
PublisherPentatonic Press


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